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Non-invasive Cavity Detection

The use of advanced laser and digital technology by our office is just one of the many ways we provide preventive, conservative dental care. The Canary System is a tool we use to detect and monitor tooth decay (caries) on all surfaces of the tooth. Because the system is able to detect minute amounts of decay, we can administer non-invasive cavity treatment, such as remineralization therapy, instead of a traditional dental restoration (drilling and filling).

The Canary System uses a low-powered, painless, hand-held laser to generate images that show the presence of cracks and tooth decay before they are large enough to appear on dental X-rays. The laser is precise enough to detect the smallest amount of tooth decay, even if it is present under sealants and around restorations. If tooth decay is detected early, before a substantial amount of the tooth is destroyed, the area can be remineralized by using fluorides and other remineralizing agents.

With the Canary System, you can:

  • Avoid pain and sensitivity from cavities
  • Avoid the discomfort of fillings and crowns
  • Protect the health and appearance of your teeth
  • Keep your teeth longer, on average, throughout your lifetime
  • Save money by utilizing preventive diagnostics and non-invasive cavity treatment
  • Avoid the hassle of conventional X-rays

To learn more about this safe and effective way to preserve the health of your smile, contact our office.