Experience and Excellence

Dr. Feichtinger

Dr. Feichtinger has been privileged to offer Loveland a full range of dental care since 1984, when he established McKee Family Dentistry with Dr. Stephen Ballard.

Although the delivery of dental care has evolved since that time, Dr. Feichtinger’s process and philosophy have remained the same: provide comprehensive diagnoses, educate patients, determine patient objectives, and deliver reliable services. This approach consistently results in the greatest overall rewards, for Dr. Feichtinger’s development of long-term relationships and for his patients’ excellent oral health.

Dr. Feichtinger actively researches new techniques and participates in courses that enable him to provide the most advanced and timely dental care. He also brings his passion for dentistry to humanitarian efforts. Since 2005, Dr. Feichtinger and his family have traveled to Vietnam with Children of Peace International, to provide dental care to remote areas and orphaned children.

In his free time, Dr. Feichtinger enjoys a variety of Colorado activities with his wife Sarah, daughter Paige, and son Eric. The family enjoys bicycling and hiking in the summer, as well as downhill skiing in the winter. Both Paige and Eric have adopted their father’s appreciation of dentistry. Paige is a dentist in the United States Air Force serving in Japan, while Eric will begin his dental education in the fall of 2017.